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Leopold® elimi-NITE® 2.0 Denitrification System

The Solution for Reducing Nitrogen in Wastewater Effluent

The Leopold® elimi-NITE® 2.0 denitrification system is an attached growth, microbiologicol process. It is ideal for removing nitrogen from wastewater when the nitrogen is predominantly in the form of nitrate.

Product Description

The Leopold elimi-NITE 2.0 denitrification system consists of a gravity downflow packed-bed filter with a carbon source (methanol, acetic acid, molasses, etc.) located upstream. The media in the packed-bed filter—a coarse, hard, predominantly siliceous material—provides the support system to which the denitrifying microorganisms attach. The carbon source supplements the nitrified influent, providing the microorganisms in the filter media with a degradable carbonaceous material to metabolize nitrogen.

The packed-bed filter is well-suited for denitrification because it provides the necessary hydraulic detention time for the biological reaction to take place. It also filters out solids, eliminating the need for downstream filtration or clarification units required of other denitrification systems.

Leopold® elimi-NITE® 2.0 Denitrification System Features & Benefits

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