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Leopold® Clari-Vac® Floating Sludge Collector

Thirty Years of Reliable, Proven Performance

The concept of using a floating siphon to remove sludge—The Leopold® Clari-Vac® floating sludge collector—was developed in 1970. Since then is has established a proven record of exceptional performance in installations throughout the world. It removes material faster, produces a higher solids content, lowers sludge disposal costs, drastically reduces power costs, and virtually eliminates maintenance. Its exceptional performance is another example of how Leopold engineered simplicity continues to deliver powerful and reliable solutions for the wastewater treatment industry.

Engineered Simplicity

The Leopold Clari-Vac floating sludge collector owes its outstanding and reliable performance to its engineered simplicity. It operates on the basic principles of buoyancy and siphon. Collection headers attached to siphon pipes supported from floats travel one inch above the tank floor "vacuuming" the solids that have naturally settled and compacted there. The sludge is then siphoned into a separate trough where is returned to secondaries in activated sludge applications or wasted to the dewatering process.

The vacuuming action of the Clari-Vac submerged sludge collector produces a more dense sludge because there is no stirring action involved. There are no plows or scrapers that can disperse light sludges. A more dense return sludge can result in decreased return rates, decreased power consumption, lower power costs, and lower sludge disposal costs.

Leopold® Clari-Vac® Floating Sludge Collector Features & Benefits

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