Water Treatment

  • Media Filtration

    Filtration in municipal water treatment is a physical process whereby water is passed through a porous medium to remove suspended solids and allow its use for potable and process purposes. More

  • DAF Clarification

    The principal role of a clarifier is to protect your filters. With this in mind, Leopold takes a flange-to-flange approach to designing a Clari-DAF® system installation. More

  • Sludge Collection

    Engineered simplicity is the hallmark of the Leopold® CT2® system. It operates on a simple principle and powerful force: gravity. We've designed a superbly simple but highly efficient proces to remove sludge by taking advantage of a differential head. More

  • Backwash Water Recovery

    There is increasing interest in recovering flows and recycle streams from spent filter backwash water, thickener overflows, and dewatering filtrate/centrate. More

  • Desalination Pretreatment

    ITT Water & Wastewater offers two desalination pretreatment system technologies—Leopold® Clari-DAF® dissolved air flotation and Leopold® FilterWorx® rapid gravity granular media filter systems—that can be used individually or in combination to provide the cleanest influent to feed RO membrane filters. More