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Leopold® CT2® Submerged Sludge Collector

Continuous Sludge Removal for Improved Filter Operation and Lower Maintenance Cost

Many sedimentation systems accumulate sludge and then are periodically shut down to clean the basins. This practice creates problems for plant operators. By allowing sludge to build up settling time is reduced, resulting in poor water quality going to the filters and impacting filter performance. With sludge buildup anaerobic bacteria can grow, causing gas production and taste and odor problems. In addition, this practice demands shutdown for cleaning only during low—demand periods, which can lead to manpower overtime cost and handling large volumes of sludge at one time.

The Leopold® CT2® submerged sludge collector remedies these problems by providing continuous sludge removal, whether once per hour, once per shift, or once per day, depending on sludge production. Continuous sludge removal with the Leopold CT2 submerged sludge collector can improve filter performance and filter operation, and lower the cost of operational maintenance.

How It Works

Leopold® CT2® submerged sludge collectors use differential heads to efficiently remove sludge from the bottom of clarification basins.

Water pressure in the main tank forces the sludge through the header collector into the outlet piping and away to the sludge removal trough. Careful selection of smooth bore piping for the suction header keeps headloss to a minimum for the most efficient sludge removal and low driving head requirements.

Leopold® CT2® Submerged Sludge Collector Features & Benefits

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