Clari-DAF® Dissolved Air Flotation

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Packed Tower Saturator

The heart of the Clari-DAF system process. 80-psi air is introduced to a recycle stream in the packed tower saturator. The saturated solution is then piped into the reaction zone where microbubbles are released when the solution is exposed to a sudden pressure drop.

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Microbubble-Generating Nozzles

The saturated air-water solution is piped into the process tank where it is injected through dispersion valves, or microbubble-generating nozzles. The sudden pressure drop releases 30 to 60 micron-size bubbles.

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Base Laterals

Clarified water is drawn from the Clari-DAF system tank through underflow collectors located at the bottom of the basin. Each lateral is sized and slotted for an even draw-off.

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Floating microbubble floc is removed mechanically with a skimmer that pushes it up and over an inclined sludge beach at the effluent end of the Clari-DAF system tank.

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Leopold® Clari-DAF® Dissolved Air Flotation

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