CT2® Submerged Sludge Collector

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Simple Cable Drive Assembly

The self-tensioning cable drive unit features simple components, direct connections, solid bearings, and a rigid frame. It is located above the water.

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Sludge Hose

A sturdy, flexible sludge hose conveys the sludge from the header and into the outlet piping.

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The sludge removal header glides over the surface along the full area of the tank, removing sludge without causing disturbance, maintaining solids content.

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Guide Rail

The header locks onto the guide rail to prevent disruptive derailments.

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Control Panel

The CT2® submerged sludge collector control panel features simple controls. CT2® submerged sludge collector performance can be optimized to meet individual plant requirements with available optional control systems.

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Leopold® CT2® Submerged Sludge Collector

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