Product Development

Product Development

Advancing Water Filtration Technologies

Xylem Water Solutions is committed to advancing Leopold® water filtration technologies. Likewise, we're committed to providing the highest quality, most reliable products in the industry. Our research and development facility has been created to explore and thoroughly test new systems and products before they are manufactured. And once manufactured, they are thoroughly tested again and again to help ensure that they perform to design specification and, more importantly, to the customer's satisfaction.

Optimizing Filter Performance; Solving Customers' Problems

We can also replicate conditions that exist in a customer's plant. This means we can reliably simulate conditions for accurate demonstration and confirmation of large-scale filter performance. In addition, replicating the conditions of a customer's plant enables us to help solve problems they bring to us for solution.

Through our Product Development Center, we bring the full depth and support of our research and development to your installation . . . something that's unique in the industry.